Effectively Promote Your Youtube Super Views

Having a staggering number of users, YouTube is more than just a media channel, having everything it takes to turn it into an efficient tool for acquisition and advertising. YouTube has created a feature meant to help business owners, through its 6-seconds ads that cannot be skipped. Thus, people will always get to see these ads no matter what, the advertiser getting his message across each time, promoting products and making people aware of a brand.

Of course, such ads are made to be suitable for mobile devices as well. According to reports, there are a growing number of people who prefer to watch videos on their smartphones or tablets. Thus, the ads will be extremely efficient in this audience niche, which prefers easy to digest and on-the-go video content.

We use YouTube video AdWords advertising for generating views, making us more reliable than our competitors. Our goal is to ensure that we use your video ad campaign to the best of its capability. After understanding your audience, their interests and the demographics you wish to target, we will use settings within Google AdWords to target your audience. This will help you get a high conversion rate rather than depending on luck.

(Remember – YouTube usually takes approximately 24 hours to approve an ad.)

If you are familiar with AdWords, you will see that AdWords for videos offer approximately the same thing, promoting well-targeted content on YouTube, in a pay-per-click system.


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150.00 5.000 Targeted Video VIEWS - $150.00
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1050.00 50.000 Targeted Video VIEWS - $1,050.00
2000.00 100.000 Targeted Video VIEWS - $2,000.00

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Activation service in 24/48 hours prior approval of the video by Google, if your video is not approved by Google will be refunded the full amount paid.

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500 AdWords Youtube Views $ 15.001.000 AdWords Youtube Views $ 28.005.000 AdWords Youtube Views $ 132.0010.000 AdWords Youtube Views $ 230.0050.000 AdWords Youtube Views $ 990.00100.000 AdWords Youtube Views $ 1,900.00

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15.00 500 AdWords Youtube Views - $15.00
28.00 1.000 AdWords Youtube Views - $28.00
132.00 5.000 AdWords Youtube Views - $132.00
230.00 10.000 AdWords Youtube Views - $230.00
990.00 50.000 AdWords Youtube Views - $990.00
1900.00 100.000 AdWords Youtube Views - $1,900.00

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Activation service in 24/48 hours prior approval of the video by Google, if your video is not approved by Google will be refunded the full amount paid.

Our Objective

Even though Google AdWords is a lucrative marketing strategy, if it is not managed properly, it can lead to problems for your YouTube channel and your business. With the help of Google AdWords settings, we are able to introduce your video ads during, before, or after any videos on YouTube and Google Display Network. We test the keywords that your target market search for which can help with ongoing SEO content creation. You need to provide us details about your target audience, like gender, age, location, and other relevant info, so we can make these video ads available for the right audience and at the best moment. We ensure that each of our campaigns are set up properly, efficiently and is effectively measured by full time experts. From AdWords consulting, reorganization of the ongoing campaigns to starting from the scratch, we ensure that our services are as unique as our client’s needs.

Why YouTube and Who Views it?

YouTube can be considered a unique content provider for a number of reasons. Even though the primary demographic of its users is within 18 to 30 years of age, its audiences are span across different countries, age groups, religion, careers and other demographic categories. YouTube become so popular that Google purchased it for a whopping $1.65 billion USD in 2006 so that they can use to for different avenues for content creation and advertising. They have been successful so far since YouTube gets about one million users every day who watch, comment, like and share videos with friends and families. Using YouTube one can reach a wider audience in shorter period of time, which is difficult with other forms of advertising.

Delivering In-Stream and In-Search YouTube Ads

Through AdWords for YouTube, you pay only when a user decides to engage in watching your ad. We provide a technology that allows advertisers to acquire the scale and safety of their brand by using potent video campaigns with In-Stream ads. The ad will appear right before a user will get to see their chosen video. But you will be charged only if this user sees 30 seconds or more of your video ad. Due to In-Stream ads, we can find target views and specific niche of audience that may be interested in the content. In-Search videos are similar to text search, but it needs to be done within YouTube. These ads appear at the top and right hand side of any result page and you will be searched only when a viewer watches the video.

Promoting your Content to the Target Audience

If you want to maximize the level of engagement of your audience, you need to creative when making your ads, also making them safe and adding a personal note. The ad should be interesting enough to stir their interest and make them want to know you better. The ad you make should always respect YouTube’s TOS, should engage the audience, and transmit messages and information in a simple yet effective manner. Just remember that if your content of the ad is interesting enough, the viewers will want to share it with others and talk about it as well. This is exactly what you need to reach the maximum potential of your campaign.

How We Do It?

Video has taken over the internet and Adwords for video in one of the best ways to attract views. Even the audience is pretty large; there is less competition since most marketers are slow to adopt video campaigns. This offers you an opportunity to invest in video advertising with us. Our end goal is to create a campaign with high return on investment to allow your video to grow month after month. We manually review your account to ensure that your ads are always being show at optimal positions.
Using our impressive algorithm system that we have developed over the years, we can help boost Views on YouTube video to help achieve popularity you are looking for. By taking advantage of the huge number of visitors to YouTube every month, we provide you with desired number of views easily.

Top Benefits of Using our Services

• Increase in Views
• Increase in Subscribers
• Getting Noticed in your Market
• Increased Organic Reach
• Helping Build a Remarketing List for Later Use

Advertising on YouTube might be more complex than a Facebook ad, but we help you get results that are mind-blowing. If you want to use Google AdWords for video to drive traffic to your videos, contact us by filling up the form.